Social Networking vs. Social Selling

by admin on May 1, 2009


I met Brent Haseker through Biznik — a wonderful site where people truly get to know one another — and we have developed a relationship over the past eight months. Our relationship truly embodies what Social Networking is all about.

Brent and I would probably never have met had it not been for Social Networking. He is back East and I’m in CA.  Our connection started after Brent commented on one of my Biznik Articles. I then responded to him and offered him my “relationship continuator” — a fabulous tool to help you identify those people who want to continue a relationship with me. The relationship continuator is  a gift subscription to QuoteActions.

Once again, the regular touch that QuoteActions offered, led Brent to respond to me which in turn caused me to set up a phone appointment. During our phone conversation, we strengthened our relationship and connection.  One of the results of tha was an introduction to someone who ended up becoming a client of mine.

The latest ROI of my relationship with Brent is that he invited me to be a guest in his Brent and Brandi Radio Show.  You can listen to the interview here.  I already got two new highly qualified prospects in my pipeline as a result of that show.

The reason I wanted to share this is because, of the power of Social Networking. It is also to illustrate what Social Networking is and what it isn’t. It is a wonderful vehicle to build relationships. And relationships will lead to business down the road.

What Social Networking is not, is a vehicle to make quick sales. Had I tried to sell something to Brent, our relationship would have ended right after our first interaction. Remember Social Networking is called that for a reason. It is not called Social Selling.  Be sure to remember this often. Failure to do this will lead you to one of the 5 Deadly Mistakes in Social Networking and it is extremely costly.

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