Why you need a professional picture on your LinkedIn profile

by admin on January 12, 2013

nopixFirst the reasons why you need A picture – most of the information on this post was covered in a blog post by Nicole Williams:

  • You’re seven times more likely to be viewed if you have a photo on your LinkedIn Profile.

Getting noticed is the first step on building a relationship. So your odds of getting noticed go up 700% simply by having a picture.

  • Some people are better with faces than they are with names.

Adding a photo increases the likelihood that people will reply to your connection requests and discussion threads. (This is especially if you got married and changed your last name, have switched professions or even moved to another city.)

  • Show you’re social media savvy.

By having a photo on your LinkedIn Profile, you’re also signaling that understand how to use an integral business tool like LinkedIn. Professionals use the LinkedIn to uncover new clients, to get new jobs, find important industry insights and to accomplish a number of other business related tasks. If potential partners or hiring managers look at your profile and see that it doesn’t have a photo or that it is incomplete, they will might assume that your social media skill set isn’t up to snuff. It’s a lot like when you’re selling a house. If there’s no photo, it might make people think, ‘there must be something wrong with this property.

Here’s why you need a professional picture:

The photo that you upload shouldn’t be a picture of you in pigeon pose, unless you’re a yoga instructor. Your profile photo also shouldn’t depict you riding into the sunset on a horse, unless you own a dude ranch. Swimsuit photos and wedding pictures should all be saved for your personal albums. The image you select will say a lot about you to potential business partners and hiring managers. If you’re using an unprofessional photo, that photo might not portray the message you really want to convey on LinkedIn which is, “I”m a person you ought to be doing business with.”