What to make of LinkedIn Endorsements?

by admin on January 15, 2013


In recent month I’ve received more questions about this subject than anything else on LinkedIn. So in this post I’ll offer you my perspective on them.

I find them to be mostly “noise.” Given that it takes very little time, effort or thought to give an endorsement, I don’t believe they fully reflect your actual skills. Case in point:  I’ve received endorsements from connections who have never worked with me in ANY capacity. How can they possibly know whether I’m any good?

Having said this, if you look at the endorsements in the context of EVERYTHING else in your profile – i.e. your recommendations, experience, publications, etc. then they can add another valuable piece to your Credibility. For example, if you see that I got hundreds of endorsements + I have nearly 100 recommendations + I’ve been published in several publications + I have been interviewed on radio, TV and various online publications, then you get one more piece that validates my expertise.

However there is a whole other element that Endorsements bring to the table that in my opinion are far more valuable than validating your Credibility. I’ll discuss this in my next post.