Who has viewed my LinkedIn profile?

by admin on April 10, 2012

One of my clients recently sent me the following question:

Is a person notified each time I view their profile?  I often look to see who has viewed mine and wonder  each time I view a profile if it’s relayed to that person.

The info is not relayed to the person but they can see in their home page. The free version allows you to see the last five people who viewed your profile. The paid version allows you to see most of the folks who have seen your profile. The only ones you can’t see are those that are surfing LinkedIn anonymously.

An effective LinkedIn profile will encourage people who visit your profile to send you invitations to connect. One way  you can measure the effectiveness of your profile is to see if the people who are viewing your profile are inviting you to connect with them. If they are, it means your profile is doing what it’s supposed to do.