How to lose friends and alienate people

by admin on May 28, 2009

The People I Follow On Twitter (June 18, 2007)
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This excerpt was written by Andy Lopata – a fellow writer from The National Networker (TNNW). It is excellent advise for both newbies and seasoned Social Networkers alike.

It’s very easy to drop your guard when networking online. There tends to be a lot of banter and discussion. It’s also a form of networking that’s very accessible at any time, irrespective of your mood or sobriety.

Try to remember why you, and others, are there. If you’re networking to boost your profile and reputation, don’t ruin it with one ill-considered comment or post. Respect other people and don’t hijack threads they have posted for your own ends.

As someone recently said on Twitter, “It can take 1,000 tweets to build a reputation, and one to ruin it.”

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