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by admin on September 7, 2009

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I’ve written before about the Visibility, Credibility & Profitability (VCP) process in Social Networking. Simply put, to make Social Networking work for you, people first need to know who you are (Visibility.) Then they need to trust that you are genuine and that you will add value to them (Credibility.) Only when these two stages are met, people will be willing to give you their direct or referral business.

Earlier today I sent a message to my network contacts in Ecademy.com about my latest article published on The National Networker. Ecademy is a Social Networking site that is very big in Europe and is gaining a lot of momentum in the US.  I have met some very friendly and valuable contacts there. One of the reasons I joined was because I saw an interview with Ecademy’s Chairman, Thomas Power, where he spoke about his reasons for starting Ecademy and also his values about networking.

Thomas Power happens to be one of my contacts. In fact, he was the first person who invited me to be part of his network when I joined. My assumption is that he invites EVERY new Ecademy member to join his network. While this is a nice touch, there isn’t anything particularly noteworthy about it. It is just a sound business strategy.

However here’s the part that IS noteworthy: he actually responded to my message! With nearly 53,000 contacts, I find it very impressive that he took the time to respond to my request. That shows the man is walking his talk. With so few people nowadays doing this, it is refreshing to find out that people who run large organizations, still understand the value of a personal connection. With this simple human touch, he won my loyalty.

If you have yet to discover Ecademy, I encourage you to sign up. Membership is free and well worth it. Plus you will probably have Thomas in your network as a result!

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