Generating goodwill plus adding value to your LinkedIn network

by admin on January 23, 2013

There are two currencies you need to accumulate on LinkedIn to be successful:
1- Trust/Credibility
2- Goodwill

The best way to generate Goodwill is to add value to your network. The more value you add to the network the more you’re “banking” future value back to you. There will come a time when you will need some help from your network and having “deposited” lots of help you’ll be able to “cash in.”

Below are four ways you can add value to your network:

Give endorsements. LinkedIn’s new Endorsements feature is a great way to give a quick boost to a professional connection you’ve worked with or gone to school with. When you endorse someone for the areas of expertise you believe he or she possesses, you’re giving a quick gift while at the same time showing that person that you care — and that you have noticed his or her strengths.

As an added bonus, your profile photo will appear next to the skills you’ve endorsed, which will serve as a frequent reminder to the person you’ve endorsed that you are a trusted and generous member of his or her network. The next time that person hears of a relevant job opportunity, your endorsement may serve as a reminder of what a good candidate you’d be for that position.

Give recommendations. In addition to providing endorsements, you might consider writing LinkedIn recommendations for contacts whose work you know well. Like endorsements, recommendations show people that you are a generous member of their networks, but they provide another job search benefit as well: recommendations help you tell more of your career story.

Give knowledge. Another gift to give this month is one of the most valuable commodities in the Information Age: knowledge. Check every day to find opportunities to share helpful articles with your network, to answer a question a contact has posted or to chime in with your thoughts on an interesting discussion in an industry group. In addition to being helpful to people in your network, all of these actions provide you with visibility to potential employers or connections to job opportunities.

Give thanks. Finally, a gift that everyone loves to open is a thank you note. Now is the perfect time of year to send a personal message to all of your LinkedIn contacts who have supported you over the past year. The best thank you notes are specific — thank you for helping me prepare for my banking interviews, thank you for introducing me to your company’s recruiter, thank you for providing moral support the week I left my job — and show genuine gratitude.