About Rick Itzkowich

Rick Itzkowich

Rick Itzkowich

My name is Rick Itzkowich and my purpose for this blog is to help my audience get over their fears and concerns regarding venturing in the social networking arena. I plan on helping people understand the technology, get practical suggestions and explore the mindset necessary to make the social networking experience be fun and productive. Below is a more formal Bio.

Rick Itzkowich is the Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing of Productive Learning & Leisure (PL&L). Rick brings over 20 years of experience in the self-development and personal growth training industry to his passion for teaching people ways to make their personal and business lives easier, happier and more successful.

While in his entrepreneur mode, Rick created an innovative email marketing system to generate leads and help retain clients called QuoteActions. Immediately the big picture loomed larger. While planning his marketing strategy for this innovative e-marketing tool, Rick realized the value of Social Networking (SN) and building relationships versus making traditional sales.

His style of inquiry, discovery and mastery of SN has helped him gain the reputation of being the “Go To Guy for SN Newbies.” Midway between Baby Boomer and Gen X, Rick bridges the gap. He talks the language and anticipates the questions of SN first-timers. With Social Networking here to stay, Rick’s blog www.snfornewbies.com, top ranking articles on sites such as Biznik, webinars and eBooks are just what non-geeks need to be comfortable merging their offline and online worlds.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Rick lives with his wife and two daughters in La Jolla, California. He enjoys time with the family and is an avid baseball player. When he’s not on an SN site making new connections, you might also find Rick scuba diving on one of PL&L’s accelerated learning courses held at exotic locations around the world.

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